Project | 01


Size: Enterprise

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

  • Case Studies

  • Training Manuals

  • Project Management

At Hertz, I developed the People Program for the Merchandising & Ancillary Revenue department. As a new department with no existing infrastructure around identifying the right hires, building skills and knowledge, and supporting team growth, I created a program to tackle all of these elements.

The People Program was used for all new hires in the team. The 6-part interviewing process included case studies to test critical thinking, presentation skills, and creativity. Once on the team, the 3 week on-boarding program gave an inside look into company operations with secret shopping, site visits, and peer-led training modules. 


The program successfully hired and on-boarded 25 new employees and was also adopted by other teams within Marketing and Sales.


Project | 02

Hank Henley Headshots

Size:  Small Business

Industry: Photography

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Customer Journey

Hank Henley, a headshot photographer, struggled to expand his business outside of referrals and friends & family. We worked together to establish his brand and digital marketing presence.

​I first analyzed the competitive landscape to better understand the market. My analysis gave insights into competitor offerings, value propositions, and digital marketing efforts. From there, I rebuilt Hank’s website, rewrote his site and social media content, and created a digital marketing strategy.


With the brand and digital marketing foundations in place, we will start to explore advertising and various marketing initiatives to drive bookings.


Project | 03

Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA)

Size: Small Non-Profit

Industry: Non-Profit

  • Strategic Planning

  • Documentation

In its first year as an independent non-profit organization, ITA looked to position itself as a leading provider of creative arts therapy.  I worked with the Strategic Planning Committee and Board Chair to help drive their strategic planning process. 

I first conducted interviews with relevant stakeholders to better understand the organization and capture roles and responsibilities. From my research, I uncovered improvement opportunities in marketing, strategy, human resources, and finance. 


Goals moving forward include positioning ITA as a research institution and thought leader in creative arts therapy, and cross training the leadership team in business practices through board engagement.


Project | 04

[no longer active]
Size: Small Business
Industry: Real Estate
  • Competitor Analysis
Properease, a Chicago-based property management group, hired me to write their website content and help with their branding. In a sector lacking transparency and innovation, we positioned Properease as a no-frills and socially-conscious alternative.
I first conducted a Competitor Analysis to understand the local options, services offered, and unique value propositions. My research confirmed the opportunity for Properease to enter the market as a provider that could offer transparent pricing, strong subject matter expertise, and a willingness to reinvest into the local community. After a few brainstorming sessions and iterations on the content, I produced text for the Home, About,  and Social Media pages.

Project | 05

Ryno Resumes
Size: Small Business
Industry: Professional Training & Coaching
  • Data Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Journey
Ryno Resumes helps professionals around the world with writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. With a new product in development, I helped the team with refreshing the company brand and rethinking the customer journey.
Leveraging Google Analytics and Crazy Egg, I provided insights into customer behavior, demographics, and technology trends. My competitor analysis uncovered how the competition was positioning their companies and services. Together, this data helped the team and I develop messaging around the new Ryno Resumes brand. I produced text for the Home, About, and FAQ pages.
I also provided recommendations on changing the user experience to account for the addition of a new product. We will continue to refine the customer journey with incoming user data and feedback.