The Truth about Sales

Years ago, I pictured a salesperson as someone in the company that wielded a corporate credit card to wine and dine clients. An extrovert that socialized as part of getting his or her daily needs, like food and water. Sales serves as an integral part of a functioning business. The product or service and its features and benefits don’t sell themselves. At the core, businesses are built by creating relationships and establishing trust.

Trust & Confidence

A good salesperson identifies a customer’s pain point and provides a solution. A prospect usually does not easily divulge the critical information for a salesperson to assess a product, market fit. Building trust and confidence takes time and spans over several meetings, calls, and emails. A successful salesperson remains tenacious by continuing to follow up and build the relationship.

Listening & Learning

Once trust has been established, allow the prospect to speak for 70% of the time, while you fill in the gaps for the remaining 30%. Ask clarifying questions to help better understand the prospect’s needs. Capture your notes in a notebook like the Oxford Black N’ Red, Shinola Journal, or digitally, in a tool like Evernote. Once you’ve captured the necessary inputs, tailor the recommendation to the prospect’s needs.

“Yes” or “No”

As a sales cycle might last weeks and possibly months, a salesperson should aim to get to a “yes” or “no” as quickly as possible. The “maybe” diverts time and energy from the prospects that are ready to work together. A “no” allows for the agent to learn from the experience and move on to the next prospect. A course like Sandler Training teaches concepts like creating a sales process, engaging with buyers, and closing business.

The job of a salesperson comes down to listening, understanding, and building a relationship. An amazing app, product, or service does not sell itself but is rather presented by a real person as a helpful recommendation. The next time you find yourself selling or being sold, reflect on the salesperson’s intentions and methods. This is the truth about sales.

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