Return to Work Site Plan

Across the nation, small businesses are anticipating a reopening of their offices and having their employees return to work. I've partnered with 40 Strategy, a firm focused on helping companies with their strategic planning, to develop a plan leaders can use to help ensure a safe and productive return to the work site.

We have created a customizable workbook that we're giving away for FREE. Collaborate on the plan with your team and find what works best for your organization. Our hope is to make the return to work site plan a little easier and less daunting.

How to Use the Workbook

Returning to the company work site after shelter-in-place orders may be a daunting task. This workbook can help leaders to plan a safe return to the workplace by organizing their front-lines and back-office operations. Together with your team, fill in the anticipated start and end dates for the applicable activities. Assign tasks accordingly and hold your team accountable to the plan.

Download the Workbook here:

XC Consulting - RTW Workbook
Download PDF • 371KB


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