Project | 01

Extropy Advisors
Size: Small Business
Industry: Management Consulting
  • Documentation
  • Training Manuals
Extropy Advisors works with Finance departments to help transform their "purchase to pay" processes. The team brought me on to help standardize their client facing documentation and to establish internal processes around their engagements.

Utilizing previous documentation, joining client calls, and working with their branding and marketing resource, I designed a set of templates that fulfilled the needs of Extropy Advisors and their clients. Documents include: project plan, project kickoff, project status report, meeting agenda, and meeting minutes.

To help with on-boarding new employees, I also created a training manual in Asana. The manual helps to contextualize how the various documents are used in an engagement and the roles and responsibilities for each team member. As the team continues to expand, the standardized templates and training manual will aid in faster and more efficient on-boarding of new employees.

Project | 02


Size:  Small Business

Industry: Information Technology & Services

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Training Manuals

  • Strategic Planning

Modelit is a Salesforce Development firm specializing in configuration, custom development, and app development. The team brought me in to help them with their sales and marketing strategy.

​I first analyzed the competitive landscape to better understand the market. My analysis gave insights into competitor offerings, value propositions, and digital marketing efforts.

From there, I helped to reposition the brand by rewriting their website and social media content, creating a digital marketing strategy, and setting up a social media marketing process.

On the sales side, I've helped the team to identify leads, compose sales letters, and establish sales processes.

With the sales and marketing processes in place, we're looking to hire an internal resource(s) to handle the day-to-day business development and digital marketing operations.


Project | 03

Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA)

Size: Small Non-Profit

Industry: Non-Profit

  • Strategic Planning

  • Documentation

In its first year as an independent non-profit organization, ITA looked to position itself as a leading provider of creative arts therapy.  I worked with the Strategic Planning Committee and Board Chair to help drive their strategic planning process. 

I first conducted interviews with relevant stakeholders to better understand the organization and capture roles and responsibilities. From my research, I uncovered improvement opportunities in marketing, strategy, human resources, and finance. 


Goals moving forward include positioning ITA as a research institution and thought leader in creative arts therapy, and cross training the leadership team in business practices through board engagement.


Project | 04

[no longer active]
Size: Small Business
Industry: Real Estate
  • Competitor Analysis
Properease, a Chicago-based property management group, hired me to write their website content and help with their branding. In a sector lacking transparency and innovation, we positioned Properease as a no-frills and socially-conscious alternative.
I first conducted a Competitor Analysis to understand the local options, services offered, and unique value propositions. My research confirmed the opportunity for Properease to enter the market as a provider that could offer transparent pricing, strong subject matter expertise, and a willingness to reinvest into the local community. After a few brainstorming sessions and iterations on the content, I produced text for the Home, About,  and Social Media pages.

Project | 05

Ryno Resumes
Size: Small Business
Industry: Professional Training & Coaching
  • Data Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Journey
Ryno Resumes helps professionals around the world with writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. With a new product in development, I helped the team with refreshing the company brand and rethinking the customer journey.
Leveraging Google Analytics and Crazy Egg, I provided insights into customer behavior, demographics, and technology trends. My competitor analysis uncovered how the competition was positioning their companies and services. Together, this data helped the team and I develop messaging around the new Ryno Resumes brand. I produced text for the Home, About, and FAQ pages.
I also provided recommendations on changing the user experience to account for the addition of a new product. We will continue to refine the customer journey with incoming user data and feedback.